week 29/52 Her Ice Cream Social Birthday Party

I’ve reached a turning point with my daughter. Over the last year she’s requested her picture/video be taken and has a bit of an opinion about the details. I adore that she cares and realizes how important it is to capture our memories. At speical events I try hard to find a happy medium of being in the moment and documenting the moment. I try not to worry too much about the technical side of photography and always have two goals, capture the scene of the event & capture the guest of honor enjoying a moment. Shortly after the party started she requested a video of her and her friends being pushed into the water by little brother and a new feeling came over me. The photos I was about to take needed to fill her needs, not mine. It needed to be candid, fun and tell her story. A lot of this video was edited with her sitting next to me telling me which clips she wanted included. We made a memory, and a sweet turning point, putting this together. Hope it inspires you.


week 27/52 camping and her Birthday

We celebrated Addi’s 8th Birthday with adventure and lots of love on a camping trip to the beach and then river.  Below I did what I wish I did after every trip for our family.  I grouped together my favorite video clips to remember our shared happiness during this adventure.  I think it speaks more than my words can here:


week 23/52 Daddy’s home town

After our visit in Seattle we traveled to the eastern part of the state, my husband’s home town of Kennewick, WA. My In-laws have a beautiful vineyard and winery that the kids had a blast exploring. Across from their vineyard is a lovely cherry orchard where the first picture was taken. The group shot was taken at our cousin’s graduation from High School in their beautiful backyard overlooking the city and river that runs through it.  And the image above was taken as we were leaving and she obviously wasn’t happy about it, and I understood that so I let her be.