Camp Bennett

He’s a lover, a funny one, a wild and strong soul who we celebrated at camp Bennett on a beautiful day in March with his sweet friends!



our road trip to Colorado

there’s something about a road trip…
the closeness
the spontaneous stops and detours down the unknown roads
the time taken to listen to your heart
the backseat bickering that I tell myself is a crucial life lesson for my children to get along with others
the sweet view of my husband and his love and patience for the road and new adventures
the family who welcomes so beautiful the mess of us 6 of us into their home
the friends you reunite with along the way
the friends who reroute their road trip to make our families’ sweet memories intersect
the endless snacking with chocolate for me and sunflower seeds for the hubby
the nostalgic feelings that poor over me thinking back to my time with my 4 siblings and parents exploring this beautiful country
and the dreams to come as we drive home each time planning our next adventure…

Happy New Year

This was the first year I put a lot of thought into what I wanted NYE to be for our family – and all the future NYEs to come. It was the first year we made plans for the kids to stay up late! It was a night spent at home, just us, fully engaged in us. We kept it simple and fun with tooth pick foods, an abundance of sparklers, a hysterical game of family twister, we watched old and new family videos, and had fun with this photo booth that the kids and I made fancy bow ties and headpieces, (Landin didn’t care for his crown) and I found some fancy fabric for the backdrop that I plan to pull out year after year for the same family photo year after year. I thought this part of the party was more for me, but because the camera was on a tripod the kids had a blast working the shutter and the first thing Addi asked this morning is if she could see the pictures. Happy New Year!


Christmas magic

When Bennett sat on Santa’s lap and was asked what he wanted for Christmas he said “a candy cane”.

For weeks this is what he said.

The first thing Bennett pulled from his stocking on Christmas morning was a note from Santa…

[remnants of carrots from what he had left the reindeer.]

Landin got a broken scrap left behind.

Thanks Santa – you made a magical memory for one little boy.