our family getaway captured on video

My husband and I watched videos of our past memories last night and it inspired me to share this video from our weekend in hopes to inspire you to take more video of the life in front of you.  Hope your Easter was a beautiful one!


week 14/52

The boys signed up for soccer this season and Addi Mae quickly realized she wanted to play also. We love the sport and it’s been such a fun family activity! Kevin is coaching and is a big key factor in what keeps our family smoothly running with all the involvement in activities. After seeing this I realized between now and the time I finish my 52 week project I need to make sure I include all the activities our children are involved with. I hope this can inspire you to do the same.


the night before 3

On each of my children’s Birthday Eves I take a picture of them sleeping.

Some day I’ll make a book full of these images.