Because you want to remember CONTEST!

To enter, send a photo to that you took of your child doing something that you want to remember from their childhood.  This doesn’t have to be specific.  It can be as simple as an expression or more specifically the way your child ate noodles from a straw.  It’s your life, show it as so.  Don’t miss an opportunity of capturing your child’s life because you are frustrated with the images your camera produces or you don’t feel your camera is fancy enough.  Who cares.  Your children don’t; especially years from now as they find this image that has helped them remember their beautiful childhood.  Use your phone’s camera!  I do, almost every day.  Because it’s readily available, easy, and good enough to capture most of life’s spontaneous moments.  Again, this is not about technically correct photos, but lovely memories.

I will share all the images here to be voted on.

Then, you tell your friends to come take a look at all the inspiration from all you fabulous mommies (and daddies) and then they too will start taking more pictures of their children’s lives.

Why? Because we (us and our children) want to remember childhood.  AND, I’m extremely passionate about encouraging others to take pictures of their little lovelies!

The catch?  The person with the most votes wins a “don’t forget a thing” lifestyle session with me!!!  I can’t wait to meet your story!

When? I’ll give you two weeks to send one image to me.  I’d like to encourage you to take at least one photo every day and then submit your favorite after the two weeks!  Fun – right!?

The image above I took yesterday of Westin just for this post. It definitely defines Westin’s childhood of being defiant because jumping on the couch is something we’d prefer our kids didn’t do but yesterday I had to choose my battles. So why not document it!