hubby took these!

The best Mother’s day gift my husband could give me is picking up my camera to take photos of me with my babies like this… in our moment… doing what we are already doing… our life captured, so we can remember it just so!  A few shots into this I knew he had my camera and was taking our photo (and I was in my swim suit – eek) but when I saw these photos on my computer I melted with joy to have this moment saved forever!  So, give your hubby your camera today, set to auto, or maybe give him a little lesson on what angle he should shoot in if you are in your bathing suit ;)  Believe me, I know it’s hard to be in front of the camera.  But I do it for my children, I think when they look back on photos of us together it will help tell the story of how much they are loved (now, then, and forever).

Happy Mother’s Day!