It’s the way I feel when a close friend has a baby
and then just imagine this friend brings a doll bed to the session
a doll bed that used to be her Grandmother’s
where her grandmother used to lay her baby dolls
and then skip a generation…
and this lovely woman
who was once a twinkle in her grandmother’s eye saved this bed
placed the bed in a field
and laid her newborn baby girl
who she named after her beloved Grandmother.

And you may also imagine two friends shedding a tear in this field.
Life (especially fresh new life) is so breathtakingly beautiful!


Must add here that I really wish I could blog all of my sessions and projects I’m working on. Please know I adore each of my models and families I work with but as I always make clear, I’m a mommy first! And I’m blessed to have found the life/work balance I have with my three little loves and supportive loving husband! xoxo – Heather