pajama party!

Addi’s idea for her 6th Birthday party began with a sleepover and she settled for a late night “pajama party” with the girl’s going home to sleep in their own beds. For many of the girls it was a good introduction to what a girl’s sleepover is all about. Addi and I talked a lot about her idea of a sleepover and I told her about my sleepovers as a child. And together we wrote down the characteristics of a sleepover and included each into her party. Here they are:

Loud – loud music, loud movie, and loud girls of course
Fun – over sugared fun… stay up late fun… yes, you may jump on the bed outside fun!
Fancy – painted finger nails, jewelry, glow sticks and hair accessories
Silly – cucumbers on eyes was categorized to the silly list when I explained to Addi that it’s something pampering girls do
Crafty – I sewed a pocket and handle on pillowcases to be used for future sleepovers that the girls decorated with fabric markers
And may involve a practical joke – I kept Addi out of the planning on this one and put plastic bugs on the bottom of everyone’s popcorn boxes. I would have never have known a package of $2 bugs would be such a party hit! I originally got them for Wesin and his friend he invited to the party but then saw them sitting there and knew they had to be used as part of the practical joke.