forever thankful

My husband’s Grandfather recently passed away.

They were very close.

And I was honored to have known this man, Robert Fisher.

When Kevin & I were dating we made a special trip to WA to meet his family. There were many things that proved to me that Kevin would be the family man (just one of the qualifications on my very long list;)) that I was looking for; but something that was so unexpectedly impactful was watching him with his grandfather. If you were around them you could feel the special bond thy had… It was a friendship, a curiosity in each other, a deep deep family love. I have watched them play cards like they were brothers and have afternoon cocktails like they were best buddies. The kind of love you can’t explain, but only witness. I’m so very thankful Kevin was able to make a few special trips over the past few years to spend time with his Grandpa; and Westin was able to join him on his last visit.

This man lives on… Strong, grateful, passionately in my husband (and many others). I’m forever thankful to forever have this man in our lives!

Following is a video Kevin wrote, narrated, and pieced together for his grandfather’s funeral service that he attended this week in WA. So proud of Kevin’s creative, beautiful and touching work.